Find new business partners for the
game developing startup Bytro Labs.


Demonstrate Bytro Labs' game developing
and business skills at the same time.


The report was sent out as a simple
text file. Written in such a way
that everyone could easily read it.


But when you changed
the file extension from
txt to html …


… the business data
became the program
code for a game.

No external content used.
Graphics, Music and text – all in one single File!

Experience Bytro Labs‘ game developing
and business skills …

… in the most relevant and engaging way.

And directly contact Bytro Labs in the end.


300+ replies within the first week.
Total response rate: 94%
200+ new relationships built.

Merger with digital entertainment
company „Stillfront Group“.


Click on the icons below to experience the Game Report
or download the original file here.



Which browser should i use to play the Game Report?

We recommend the latest versions of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

How do i change the file extension in Windows?

If the file is displayed without file extension
("Game_Report" instead of "Game_Report.txt"),
your Windows version is set to hide extension names.

In this case, go to: Start > Control Panel > Folder Options > "View" Tab
and uncheck the box "Hide extensions for known file types".

You should now see the file with extension as "Game_Report.txt".

How do i read the text version in Mac OS X?

If TextEdit does not display the text file correctly, we recommend
you use an alternative Text Edit program, e.g. Sublime Text.
Or press the Space bar to view it in Quick Look

Google Chrome


Mozilla Firefox


Sublime Text Editor